People used to say that we have to lose something, to really appreciate it. That is deeply true! I have lived for 4 years in Cambodia and I got used to what Cambodia means in terms of daily life. When you got used to something, you don’t really feel that thing you got used to. But now that I have left the “kingdom of wonders” …………. yes, now I feel what I have left! Period!

Coming back to Kazakhstan it seems to me like if I have travelled millions of miles and not only a few thousands! Two countries can’t be more different than Cambodia and Kazakhstan!

Different in size. Different in landscape. Different in climate. But above all different in people and attitude. Different in approach to life!

I don’t want to offend anybody but it really seems to me that people here can’t smile. Yes, this is that part of the world where nobody smiles, unfortunately. In Kazakhstan people always seem angry and disappointed. Of course they are not but it seems that.

All this makes me miss Cambodia even more. We can easily call Cambodia “the land of ten thousand smiles”! that’s really like that. In the kingdom of wonders everybody smiles. Always! People smiles at you if you know them and if you don’t.

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People smiles when they are busy and have a rest.

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People smiles at you while they work or have a drink on the beach. People smiles at you under the sun and with a heavy rain!

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People smile because they are positive. People smile because they enjoy every single day, every single small thing.

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People smile because the point isn’t “why to smile” but “why not”! that huge amount of bright smiles takes you and it becomes like a pleasant massage to your soul. It becomes like an addiction. Something you need and you can’t live without!

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Children are used to smile. Adults are used to smile. Young people are used to smile. Old people are used to smile. Poor people are used to smile. Businessmen are used to smile. Policemen and soldiers are used to smile! And you too, soon, begin to smile and your life smiles back to you!

Positive and warm smiles are around you from the morning till the evening.

That’s why you’ll find yourself smiling even if you thought to have a bad mood. Smiles and positive energy will infect you.