Even if I lived for almost 3 years in Cambodia, before moving to Nesat, anyway this place seemed to me like a small happy oasis. Living in Nesat makes me feel as if I’m in a documentary film about “how Cambodia was”!

Nesat is a small village at 20 km away from the town called Srae Ambel. Here only 700 families live. I believe that, before we (foreigners) came, local people hadn’t ever seen so many “barang” (white men).

The local inhabitants accepted us warmly since the very beginning. They have tried to help us when we needed and they have always showed us to be glad we are among them. Since the first day, moving in the village, I have been surrounded by adults smiling to me and many children running to the side of my bicycle shouting “hello barang”.

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For me, and my passion for street photography, this place is a paradise because local people have no problem with me taking photo of them and they are even glad and pleased of it!!

The economy of Nesat is mostly based on fishing. Almost every family has its   own small fishing boat.

Early morning men go out by boat to place their nets:

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while women pick up some shells and small sea food from the low tie beach:

Then, around the noon, boats come back to the village with their load and the whole family participates in cleaning the nets and collecting fish:

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One more important part of the local economy is the production of peppercorns:

As I said, here the main business is fishing so, almost everywhere, I can see people making fishing nets from zero or just repairing them. For themselves and for others.

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Here life is simple but not poor. There is everything that people really need. There are not supermarkets but typical small Khmer shops where a bit of everything is sold.

There is not the Hospital but there is a very small clinic for every first aid situation:

Even the dentist, upon request, uses to come from the town directly to your garden!

Several people use to come here from the town, on a regular base, with their funny trucks to sell everything is missing in the village.

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Many people can invent a small business just in their front yard. Usually it is something simple and made out of nothing. A small simple shelter is already enough to sell food and goods.

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Walking down the only street of Nesat I can see local people doing their daily activities in total harmony with the surrounding environment.

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Then, usually when the weather isn’t so hot, young people meet to play the most popular sport in Cambodia, Volleyball:

While old people enjoy relax:

the rest of community is always ready to help each other in every situation:

The harmony, the peace, the friendly atmosphere which I can “breath” here, in this small amazing village, is something that warms my soul. I really believe that this place “came” into my life at the right moment. I don’t think Nesat is the last “stop” of my life but I know for sure it will be forever one of the best experiences I have ever had!

It’s already evening and everybody got inside their houses. It’s time to go home for me too but the village wants to give me one more present before the end of the day. One of its magic sunsets!