A great piece of glass!

It was already a long time I was thinking about to get a new lens. My idea was to find something to pair with the Zeiss ZM Distagon 35mm f1.4

That Zeiss is a gem and I wanted something on that level of excellence but a bit longer. Honestly I have to say I had in my mind some manual lenses. Then I asked in my favorite Sony shop if they had the new Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM and, when they said “YES”………. I couldn’t resist! So I bought it. It has started to give me emotions since the very first shot!!!

I feel a bit uncomfortable writing this review because I don’t want to seem to you like a Sony “fanboy”. But guys, believe me. It’s very difficult not to be enthusiastic about this Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM!!!!

The build quality is great (as for all GMs). It is solid in my hands and it is seriously weather sealed.

The af system works in a great way even on my A7rII which is absolutely not a “thunder” of speed about auto focus. The lens nails the focus quickly and precisely. It works fine even in dim light conditions!

Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.1 VM
Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.1 VM

I have always had the belief that a lens should be used according to the view that the focal length can give you, it doesn’t matter if the lens is af1.2 like this Sony GM I like to use my lenses always at the same f stops (maximum aperture, f2.8 f4 and f8.

Of course if you buy a lens which is f1.2 you will want to use it at f1.2 and for sure this Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM produces some kind of magic at f1.2.

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This lens produces an amazing bokeh even at f2.8.

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Usually (in all my reviews) at this point, I enumerate the pros and cons of the above reviewed lens. Well, guys, this Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM has all pros possible. It is one of the closest things to perfection that I have ever tested.

One more good thing about this lens is the minimum focus distance of 40cm which gives you some additional artistic possibilities if paired with the f1.2 aperture value!

About cons I can only say that I would prefer it a bit lighter. Nothing more. Even the price cannot be considered as a con because there are many reasons to spend 2000 USD to get it!

All photos have been taken with the Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM.